Escape From The Turmoil
Move to Burgundy, France
...where the wine is real, pace is slow,
people are nice...



Dear Property Investor,


This is the most unexpected offer that may come from a company specialised in property in Bulgaria. But we are all living in a globalised world. So, don't get surprised. This is our first yet very appealing property abroad we're putting on our books. The story is quite simple -- the property is owned by the in-laws of one of our Directors and we've decided to give them a hand marketting it.


Look for this SUPERB 3-BEDROOM HOUSE WITH CHARMING GARDEN AND GUEST HOUSE IN SMALL HAMLET in Burgundy's idyllic countryside to find your ideal escape destination. Burgundy remains largely untouched by modernisation, so if you're looking for property with an authentic rural feel, Burgundy will be perfect for you.


That said, Burgundy maintains excellent transport links with France's main cities, so if you choose to move to this SUPERB 3-BEDROOM HOUSE WITH CHARMING GARDEN AND GUEST HOUSE IN SMALL HAMLET in Burgundy, you'll have excellent access to Europe's main cities.


To get all the available information on this property please point your browser to:


and then who knows -- you might be really just a step to find probably the perfect escape destination.....  



Best regards,

Nick Lavtchiev
Managing Director



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