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Sofia - The Hottest Spot in S/E Europe


Sofia � The Hottest Spot in South-East Europe


My name is Victor and I work as property consultant for Properties in Bulgaria in Sofia headquarter office. I am sure that most of you have heard of the �Prague phenomenon�. It doesn't really matter if you have bought anything there or not � the facts, the articles and the materials in the mass media are unavoidable. The hype of the property market there was like a nuclear blast � it started locally but went global immediately. As the Czech Republic became a part of the EU the prices dramatically rose up. A lot of people took advantage of the market and have bought properties there and have made a lot of money. Now the European property market has a new star � Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.


Sofia has been a major city since the Roman Empire times. From then on the place attracts people with the mineral waters, attractive location and rather good opportunities. Now, over two million people live in the city and form a fast growing property market. Just for the last 8 years the prices were multiplied by factor more than four. On the other hand there will be investments of tens of billions euros in shopping centres, malls and infrastructure. The tube/underground will be finished by 2011, and the ring road will be ready till the end of 2009.


The trends show that a lot of people would rather rent a property than buy it � the reason is mainly due to the lack of cash. Also in the near future most of the big international companies will set up representatives or even production centres in the area. Most of them would need property for their associates and workers, and it is for sure, that they would prefer rent to buying. In other words - that means that there will be a hunt for renting and buying of two kind of property � those with top location and those in the areas that will be shortly developed and offer some quite big potential. In that respect, we searched for the best opportunities for investment in Sofia, and we managed to find them. Here you will see a short description of three of them.



1. Golf Apartments in the outskirts of Sofia


The first complex that we offer you is located in the outskirts of the city. The place is still not that developed, but most of the land has been bought already by developers. The location offers the following distances � 12 km to downtown Sofia, 15 km to Sofia Airport and about 7 km to St Sofia 18-hole golf course. The complex itself offers about 250 apartments, a shopping centre, tennis court, football playground, pools, saunas and many more. The place is suitable for young couples and for people that would like to escape the noise of the big city, but would still like to stay in touch. It will be desirable for rent and will be easy and profitable to sell on very good profit in a few years, when the area will be developed and the prices will be much higher. PRICES FROM 16,000 EUROS! [more info]



2. Apartments in a quite area in the very city centre


The second complex is located in a quite area in the very city centre. It is a single building with 14 apartments only, one garage underground level. This residential building is located close to the main state institutions, banks, hospitals, parks, public transports and communications. It is suitable for young couples with good opportunities. As the old city centre cannot offer new building plots, the new buildings are not that much, which makes them extremely desirable both for rent and for resale on high margin. [more info]





3. High-class prestigious Residence in the diplomatic quarter next to the biggest Sofia park


The third complex is �the pearl of the crown� � it is meant to be inhabited by settled people with quite good opportunities. It is located very near to some of the diplomatic residences. The biggest park in the city of SofiaBorisova Garden - is just a few minutes walking away. The location and the type of the building show that this is high above the levels of the middle class. The developer also offers a guaranteed rental income for 10 (ten) years! The location, the surrounding area and the guaranteed rental income make this really interesting for most of the property hunters. The first and only buy-back residential project all over Bulgaria � after the 10th year buy-back is contractually guaranteed at 100% of the purchase price! [more info]



These were some of the best investment opportunities in the �hottest spot in South-East Europe� � all of them can offer a lot � good rental income (even guaranteed in the third project), good margin in a potential resale and of course the possibility to come to Bulgaria at any time. If you have any inquires, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sounds easy?

It is easy!

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